Virtual Paint Party

Do you want to paint party with friends, family, or colleagues across the nation or around the globe without the germs and the travel costs?  You can have a full and fun Zoom event with Art by Preference! 


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Already have your own supplies, but need guidance? Preference provides a highly interactive experience with one-on-one help in the Zoom party room as if she were in-person.  Still laughs, still encouragement, still fun!

(Timing based on 11" x 14" canvas)    

    4-9 Guests                      $100 | max 2 hours

10-19 Guests                     $150 | max 2 hours

20-29 Guests                     $200 | max 3 hours

30-40 Guests                     $300 | max 3 hours



NOTE: Length of event depends on factors such as age, canvas size, and image detail. Preference does provide recommendations for the best results. Shipping included in cost of kits is only for the U.S.

Need supplies AND guidance? With a group purchase of 10 or more ABP paint party kits, your group gets guidance for FREE!

Supplies You'll Need

If you are getting your own supplies, you will need: acrylic paint in red, yellow, blue, black, and white; paintbrushes in varying sizes, including flat, round, and a detail brush; canvas, cup(s) of water, a palette, and something to protect your work area.  Need help mixing colors?


Planning Your Party

For the Smoothest Process, Host/ess, Please Read...

  1. Read the Virtual Paint Party Terms & Conditions.

  2. Communicate with your guests about their interest in the event and possible dates/times before inquiring.  

  3. Gather the information needed to complete the inquiry form. Submit your completed form.

  4. Secure the event. (Read Payment Details.)

  5. Confirm guests BEFORE the payment deadline.

  6. Share the Zoom link (Preference provides) with your party no less than 24 hours before your event.  If you have a group chat available, Preference can directly provide the link to your group.

Payment Details

  • Virtual Guidance ONLY: Payment due a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.

    • Pay in full at time of booking OR pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date.  If a deposit is made at the two-week mark, the remaining balance is due one week before the event.

  • Paint Party Kits AND Virtual Instruction:  Payment deadline for party will be provided with booking (usually 4 weeks in advance to allow for processing and shipping).


Ready to Party?

If you read everything and know you're ready to schedule your event, set up a call with Preference by completing the next form.

Let's Get This Party Started Right!
SHIPPED Custom Pre-Drawn Paint Party Kit

SHIPPED Custom Pre-Drawn Paint Party Kit

PriceFrom $40.00
Sales Tax Included |

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Payment is due in full at time of booking UNLESS you would like to temporarily secure your date while confirming details.
If you choose to make a deposit, your $50 non-refundable deposit is applied to your final balance.

All payments are made in advance; due date for virtual instruction alone is 1 week before the event.  If you need ABP supplies, payment may be due 3-6 weeks in advance of your event.  Exact details provided when your deposit is set up.



You have the option to send Preference examples of what you want to create or request assistance with choosing.  Please note that if you send work by another artist or company, Preference modifies the image to avoid copyright infringement.  Preference also makes recommendations and tailors the images to make sure they work well for your group.

If you would like to have your event or any supplies customized, Preference needs sufficient time to create your sample and get your feedback.  

Customization does not begin until a deposit/payment is made.  It is important that Preference receives your feedback and payment by the date(s) requested to allow for sufficient preparation time. 

Preference takes time to prepare materials for your event in advance for the most successful outcome.  To ensure that she does not incur any unexpected loss, materials are not purchased or prepared until your payment is made in full.

IMAGE DESIGN (Virtual Guidance Only)

Because you will be working on a blank canvas, Preference must prepare an image for your event to ensure that it works for your group. Whether you choose, or she helps you choose, this step cannot be skipped.  Image design does not begin until either a deposit or full payment is made.  

Plan to pay for your party at least two weeks in advance to ensure that Preference has adequate time to prepare your image sample, send it to you for approval, then for you to respond with approval or any requests for modifications.

Preference will share a Google Spreadsheet with you to keep track of your party's purchases.  You can access this spreadsheet at any time. 

​Please make sure you have downloaded it or saved it by the date of the party as it may be deleted shortly after.  This is especially helpful if you need to send direct reminders to members of your party.  

If you are unable to or unsure how to use Google Spreadsheets, please request an e-mail by a specified date (ex. one week before the payment deadline, 2 days before the payment deadline).



ONLY share the Zoom link with paid individuals or the number of people included in your original headcount AND express this to your guests. Preference will not provide direct guidance to individuals who happen to be in your home and want to paint along.  This is also considered stealing. Once the Zoom event has reached its maximum number of guests, no more will be admitted. 

A link to your Zoom session will be provided to the host/ess by Art by Preference no less than one week before your event. If you are the host/ess, please make sure you provide your guests with the link BEFORE the day of the event. If you provide Preference with guest contact information, they will be sent from her.

Please notify Preference of cancellations no less than 48 hours in advance of your event. No refunds will be given, but a credit will be issued and can be redeemed within 3 months, based on availability.  Individuals not in attendance for a party that is held forfeit payment altogether.

By proceeding with payment, you are agreeing that you understand and accept these terms and conditions.