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Based in Rocky Mount, NC, USA, Serving the World Online

Art by Preference

Renew, Heal, & Grow

Through Art

Founded 2019, Healing since 2006

Through customized art activities and relaxed conversation, Art by Preference can help you relieve stress, increase productivity, decrease or eliminate anxiety, and much more.   Programs are designed to meet you where you are, at any skill level.  Other services are available as well.

photo of Preference wearing glasses


By providing a tailored, nurturing, and positive creative environment that can help an individual or a community resolve a specific problem or set of problems, Art by Preference helps people to renew, heal, and grow through art. 


Why I Care

There are so many broken people in the world who have not tapped into healing through art. When I help someone feel better through a creative action, it helps us all on this planet.  All we have is each other.

People often miss out on the benefits of art because at some point, they began to believe they were no longer "good enough" to create it.

My goal is to turn that around! -Preference

Sunset over Poppy Field

Why I'm Qualified

Professional and academic credentials aside...I had a personal experience that rocked my world in ways I never imagined.  In order to save myself, I dug deep inside and used what I  I come from a family of artists and creating came naturally to me, though I studied art formally. 

Painting helped me redirect negativity that I couldn't figure out how to manage, and I just want to help others experience this feeling.  Art is life, why separate the two?


NC Central University

BA in Art (Education)

The Ohio State University

MA in Art Education

NC State University

Advanced to PhD Candidacy in Instructional Technology


Preference Evans has taught Visual Art for over 20 years in a variety of settings:  university, public school, community, and private.   Within those settings, Preference has worked with pre-Kindergarten children through adults of all ages.  She is highly skilled and effective at teaching in virtual, online, and face-to-face environments.






By Appointment Only

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