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  • I'm interested in another service not shown on this website, but I saw it online. Is it still available?
    Contact Preference to inquire. Some items are no longer available while others are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Is this a walk-in business?
    No. It is completely virtual, but some product pick-ups are available in Rocky Mount, NC.
  • I called the number and didn't get an answer. I'd like to speak to a live person, what should I do?
    Please leave a message or text 919-307-5350 to get a quick response by phone.
  • What services are NOT offered at Art by Preference?
    No digital image creation or digitization of images No crafts
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    Online Payments Credit/Debit Apple Pay Afterpay Affirm Google Pay Manual Payments Cash App ($artbyprep) Venmo (@artbyprep) Cash (on a case-by-case basis) Please allow 7-10 business days for payment processing when requesting a service or product. For last-minute or rush orders, only manual payments are accepted.
  • Payment Processing Times & Rush Orders
    Any payments received through this website or paid through an online invoice take 7-10 business days to process. Rush orders and last-minute service requests (when accepted) require payment through methods such as Venmo, Cash App or PayPal, which are processed immediately. NOTE: There may be an additional charge for rush orders (24-72 hours turnaround). Price varies by service or product.
  • Can you create a sample before I pay my deposit?
    No, no work begins until a payment is made. Samples are considered work.
  • Is there a difference in pricing for local and shipped orders?
    Yes. Only order in the Shop if you plan to have your product shipped. Pricing in the Shop includes shipping and packaging. Contact Preference directly to find out pricing for items you would like to pick-up in person.
  • Do you have examples of drawings to choose from?
    Yes and no. Most of the images that I have sold have been from customer requests using images they have located somewhere online. If the customer does not provide an inspiration image, then I will do a brief consultation to determine needs. No custom sketches will be done before payment is made. Visit the Canvas Drawing Gallery page to see some available options. This is an ongoing work in progress.
  • Why don't you outline your sketches with a black marker?
    Once you put marker or other permanent black lines on your canvas, it does not allow you to easily make changes. Often, I create images that can be painted in different ways such as different hairstyles and in many cases, the marker line would interfere with the final product. As a painter this is a practice I do not advise or use. Marker lines can bleed, run, or mix with your paint and cause distress. Inexperienced painters may struggle with painting inside the lines. People may also likely feel the need to go back and draw in the lines again once it's over, which can lead to more distress.
  • Is there anything that you will not draw?
    I can draw anything on your canvas and reserve the right to reject images that I deem inappropriate. Please contact directly to inquire. Whatever you ask for, I will be focused on making sure that it is suitable for painting by adults of all skill levels. These images are discreetly packaged so that peeking children will not see them with ease.
  • Can I send you an image to draw on canvas?
    Absolutely! Preference loves when you come with ideas that matter to you most. Please keep in mind that she may modify your inspiration image to prevent any copyright infringements or to ensure that it is suitable for your intended audience.
  • Do you have instructions for the paint party kits?
    Depending on the kit, a color-mixing guide or suggestions may be included. The purchase of a paint party kit without guidance suggests that you are prepared to paint on your own without help. However, there are some video tutorials on the Art by Preference Facebook page, along with the range of YouTube videos by others online. Check the Resources page of this website for useful tips as they are added.
  • How do I store my leftover paint?
    Spray it with water before re-capping and wrap with saran wrap until ready to use again. If you don't use it for more than a week, check back and mist it again for safe measure.
  • Why do ABP paint party kits come with red, yellow, blue, black, and white paint?
    With the mixing set provided by Art by Preference, you can mix any other color you need. These kits are often used with Preference's virtual paint parties where she demonstrates mixing a variety of colors using this basic mixing set. For help with mixing, check the Resources page on this site or check out any online videos from others.
  • Do you have to buy a kit to attend a public virtual paint party? Why?
    Yes, and you must be in the contiguous United States in order for your kit to ship in time. When Art by Preference provides supplies, it simplifies the process, ensuring that you have the right materials and are fully prepared for the event.
  • Will Art by Preference offer public virtual paint parties that don't require the purchase of a kit?
    Those are coming soon! Stay tuned and remember you can always have your own private party.
  • Is there an option to do a private virtual party where I buy my own supplies?
    Absolutely. Please locate the fee for your group (based on the number of attendees) on the Virtual Party page. Please note that if you decide to provide your own materials, you are taking responsibility for purchasing the right materials. There is a list of the necessary supplies provided on this website.
  • Does Art by Preference guide in-person paint parties?
    Only on a case-by-case basis. Call or message 919-307-5350 to inquire.
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