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This customized acrylic painting on stretched canvas with a deep 1.5" edge, features one name/word with a simple featured image.  You will be contacted BEFORE painting begins to confirm details such as font, featured image, and age group for the person whose name is being painted.


  • One 2-D object/theme featured
  • Up to three colors will be used along with black and white or gray
  • Lettering of your choice from options provided.

Please allow 4 weeks minimum for processing. Shipping is included.
Glitter and stones are not included.  Must be requested.

Name Painting

PriceFrom $350.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Preference works with you throughout the process to ensure satisfaction.  There are no refunds.

  • Please allow a minimum of four weeks for processing.  Preference will be in communication with you so you will be aware of your painting's status.

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