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Website Design

Art by Preference designs new websites with local business owners and professionals in mind.  All websites are tailored to suit the individual customer.  ABP can also edit existing websites, with limitations.* 

What's Included

Pricing includes 1-hour consultation, new website set-up (one-year minimum of domain usage and website hosting), SEO, custom responsive design, 30 days of site maintenance (for Pro and Business only) and renewing of domain and website hosting.   Discount may be provided if you have already purchased a domain name, which is current and usable.
*Websites that already exist can be modified, but a new website may be recommended depending on the conditions.  Maintenance and updates from Art by Preference are available at an additional cost.


Your website is truly yours and looks like you and what you represent as a professional


You will be provided with a crash course on how to do simple website updates 


You will have 30 days of priority support and limited ongoing support*

*Limited ongoing support refers to aspects of Art by Preference's work/ website design only.  Additional charges may apply if customer's request is not due to designer's error.  Any issues related to the host or domain must be directed to them, but assistance is provided in troubleshooting.

Updates & Maintenance



Don't have time to make updates, but need to make them regularly?  Keep Preference on call with a monthly retainer.



For occasional updates to your website, Preference can assist for you for fee per update.  Fees are assessed hourly with a minimum of one hour.



Need help with renewal for your domain and website hosting?  Preference can assist you annually or bi-annually with this process.

Things to Know

  • No refunds.  Art by Preference works to ensure customer satisfaction.  Progress updates are sent regularly throughout the process and approval is required before moving forward.

  • If a redesign is requested after ABP applies originally requested design, additional charges will apply.

  • Final product and full access are not provided to customer until payment is made in full. 

  • If you choose to pay in installments directly to Art by Preference, please know that work will be completed in phases per payment.

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