Face & Body Painting


PANDEMIC NOTICE: This service is currently being provided on a case-by-case basis.  Face painting has been replaced with arm painting until further notice.  Any person exhibiting signs of a rash, cold or virus (respiratory or otherwise) should not request to be painted and those with visible symptoms will not be painted.  This especially applies to group events.


What age groups do you work with? Any age that can sit still and is calm enough to be painted

What type of paint do you use? Wax-based, professional quality face paint

How long does the paint last? It can last for hours if not smudged before drying or wet

Are you insured? Yes

How long is set-up? Preference usually arrives 30-60 minutes in advance.

What do I need to provide?  A water source, if available.  Please let Preference know If you will already have tables and chairs.


How many faces can you paint per hour? With the most basic cheek-sized design, Preference can paint 25-30 people per hour.  The more details, the more time, the less people painted.  


  • There is a one hour minimum PLUS any applicable travel fees to reserve your slot.  Travel fees start 16 miles outside of the base location in Rocky Mount, NC. Full payment is due no less than one week prior to the event unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • A minimum of three weeks' notice is ideal for booking, but Preference can take some short-notice bookings depending on availability.  Call or text 919-307-5350 to find out for sure! 


​RATES: 1-2 hours: $100 per hour | 3-4 hours: $90 per hour | 5-7 hours: $80 per hour ​

TRAVEL FEE starts from base location: $50 for 16-29 m | $90 for 30-49 m | $135 for 50-75 m


There are NO REFUNDS. Please book only after you are certain about all details.  One rescheduling is included and based on artist availability.  Under extreme circumstances such as inclement weather, a 90-day credit may be provided and is also subject to artist availability. 

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