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Face & Body Painting

During colder weather, events must be indoors, and face paintings may be modified to avoid eyes, nose, and mouth.  No one exhibiting signs of illness or skin rashes should request painting and will be denied.

Art by Preference (ABP) offers three basic body painting services, face, arm, and belly at the safe location of your choice.  When requesting a date, enter your SERVICE ADDRESS.  If the time or date you prefer is not showing, contact Preference directly at 919-307-5350.

The Process

Sample Paintings

Terms & Conditions

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Read these really important details about booking body painting with Art by Preference.


Simple Cheek Design

Intermediate Cheek Design

Intermediate Quarter Face Design

Simple Quarter-face Design

Intermediate Quarter-face Design

Intermediate Forehead Design


Do you also need party equipment?  For your party equipment needs, contact:  Bess Rentals at 252-907-3122

  • Inflatable Games

  • 360 Photo Booth

  • Bouncy Houses

  • Tents

  • Popcorn Machine

  • Hot Dog Machine

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • & More

Book Your Event

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What age groups do you work with? Any age that can sit still and is calm enough to be painted; details are adjusted based on the individual.

How many faces or arms can you paint in an hour? Details determine the number of faces or arms painted.  On average, 10-20 advanced designs can be comfortably painted. With simple cheek-sized paintings and a consistent line, 30-40.  For very detailed face painting, inquire directly.

What type of paint do you use? Professional quality, hypoallergenic, FDA approved cosmetic grade paint that is safe for skin

How long does the paint last? The paint is not waterproof and does not withstand pouring sweat or water drenching. It can, however, last for at least an hour in cool, indoor environments, as long as it has a chance to dry untouched.  Most customers report it lasting for several hours, even overnight when undisturbed.

How do I clean the paint off my body? You can easily remove the paint with water and if you choose, your regular soap.  Some colors may leave a slight stain that will go away relatively quickly.

Are you insured? Yes

How long is set-up?  Preference usually arrives 30-60 minutes in advance, according to event size and details.  Belly painting arrival time is usually 15-30 minutes in advance.

What do I need to provide?   Please let Preference know If you will already have a table and two chairs or a nearby water source. 

What do I need to wear for belly painting?  If you are preparing for a same-day photo shoot, you may consider wearing your outfit. Protective covering will be provided.  Whatever you wear, it should be comfortable for you to have above and below your belly for the session. 

How long does belly painting take? The painting itself can take from 30 minutes to 2+ hours depending on your selection.  

Who is the photographer included in pricing? Manley's Photography of Eastern NC 

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