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Art by Preference

Renew, Heal, & Grow

Through Art

Founded 2019, Healing since 2006

Through customized art activities and relaxed conversation, Art by Preference can help you relieve stress, increase productivity, decrease or eliminate anxiety, and much more.   Programs are designed to meet you where you are, at any skill level.  Other services are available as well.

More About RHG

Germinated Plant


It's easy to get stuck in the same routines, ways of thinking, and ways of living when you've been doing them for so long.   Art by Preference renews your thinking about life and decision-making.

sunflower bud slightly opened


When your spirit is broken, breaking, or at unease, simple things can be overwhelming.  Creative healing helps you acknowledge, safely confront, and overcome obstacles in your way.

Hibiscus Flower


Once your thinking is renewed and your spirit is healed, you are ready to bloom and grow your inner self.  This is the beginning of a necessary and amazingly fresh new you.

Yellow Flowers

RHG Options Compared



Private healing sessions are confidential and target your individual needs directly.  Once your primary source of concern is identified, Preference customizes a renew, heal, grow (RHG) plan for your overall growth. Read more about the other options. 



Group healing sessions are like creative support groups, you get to share as much or a little as you like in a safe, nurturing environment.  You get guidance from Preference and encouragement from peers.  You might even make a new "friend."

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