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Rules for the DEEvorce Party!

This event is very special to Preference and therefore, has some very simple rules.

#1 ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN MAY BE ON SCREEN. You don't have to put them out the house, but if you are unable to keep them out the room/view/audio, please do not attend.

#2 CAMERAS ON. Cameras must be on to prevent specific unwanted visitors from attending, unobserved.

#3 COME TO HAVE FUN. This is a celebration and nothing should interfere with anyone having a good time. Your artistic skills don't matter and if you follow my lead, you will be just fine.

#4 BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE. Mute yourself when others have the floor. When possible, be kind and encouraging to your paint buddies for the night.

#5 BE CLOTHED. You can be comfortable, but make sure you are dressed. Otherwise, there is no attire requirement.

#6 NO RECORDING. This event is designated for attendees only. Either be there in the moment or miss it.

Remember, you don't have to paint. You can just have fun or bring a creative project you need to work on.

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