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Events FAQ

Please read the following general frequently asked questions about Art by Preference's public paint parties then click on the venue for more details about the specific location.  About Art by Preference


Can I pay at the door?

No, events are always advance tickets only. You are welcome to check for last-minute availability.


Why is check-in so early?

Early check-in ensures that you have time to park, be seated, and order your drink and any food that you choose before we begin.  

If you are new and late, please signal Preference and wait for her.


Where is the image we will paint?

If you do not see a sample image yet, it will be posted on the event page and on social media with the word "Sample" visible somewhere.


Does my painting have to look like the sample?

Yes and no. Samples are for reference only. We paint the same image, but you will be prompted to add your own touches during the event (colors, details, etc.)


What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and do not wear your best clothes; aprons are provided.


What if an event is not showing?

Either registration has closed, it has been cancelled, or it has ended.  Feel free to confirm by phone or message.

What ages can attend?

Ages vary by event and are included in each party's description.  Please check each event beforehand.


Why are there no refunds?

Preference is a professional instructor and prepares for you in advance. If you change your mind, you can sell your ticket OR receive a credit as long as your materials have not been prepared.

*On occasion, an event may be cancelled due to low registration.  In this case, you will receive an automated email and a refund will be provided without request needed.

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