You Can
Renew ●   Heal  ● Grow

Through Art


Art by Preference takes art to an elevated level, emphasizing people and their creative processes rather than products.  Confidential private creative healing sessions and small group sessions propel individuals to their highest selves. 


However, a variety of creative services and products are available; check out the most popular ones.


Paintings at Art by Preference are high quality customized one-of-a-kind pieces.

Art Parties

Join others in a social gathering with step-by-step instruction by a professional guide

 Art Classes

Get professional instruction to learn or improve your artistic skills in a group setting

Body Art

Body painting and temporary tattoos are great for photo shoots and special events

Art Lessons

One-on-one guidance from a professional gives you the push you need to master art skills


Professionals and business owners, define your online presence with a custom site

Renew ▪ Heal ▪ Grow

What does it mean to renew, heal, and grow through art at Art by Preference?  Through customized art activities and relaxed conversation, you can relieve stress, increase productivity, decrease or eliminate anxiety, and much more.   All programs are designed to meet you where you are, at any skill level.


Art is life and Preference makes those connections clear for you through private or group sessions. The overarching goal of Art by Preference is to help people renew, heal, and grow through art.   Get acquainted with Preference by signing up for a class, party, or private lesson.  

Germinated Plant


It's easy to get stuck in the same routines, ways of thinking, and ways of living when you've been doing them for so long.   Art by Preference renews your thinking about life and decision-making.

sunflower bud slightly opened


When your spirit is broken, breaking, or at unease, simple things can be overwhelming.  Creative healing helps you acknowledge, safely confront, and overcome obstacles in your way.

Hibiscus Flower


Once your thinking is renew and your spirit is healed, you are ready to bloom and grow your inner self.  This is the beginning of a necessary and amazingly fresh new you.

What should I Do?

   Wondering what option is best for you?  Parties, classes, and lessons can provide a therapeutic like result, but at varying levels.  You should choose the option that best suits your comfort level.  If you want to get to know Preference more, start with a class or paint party, then work your way into a private lesson.

Group healing sessions are like creative support groups, you get to share as much or a little as you like in a safe, nurturing environment.  Private healing sessions are confidential and target your individual needs directly.  Once your primary source of concern is identified, Preference customizes a renew, heal, grow (RHG) plan for your overall growth. Read more about the other options. 

Options Compared


Art Class

Classes are designed to help participants improve a specific artistic skill in a safe, positive environment.  They are held in small groups to maximize guidance per person.


Art Lesson

Art lessons are personalized and customized to developing or master technical skills in artmaking and communication through art.  One-on-one sessions ensure individual growth.


Art Party

Art parties are social gatherings that focus on the creation of a similar product. With ABP, you learn while having fun. Canvas painting is a party favorite, but not a requirement.

Virtual Convenience

By providing virtual services, Art by Preference can reach more people and more often.  All transactions can be conducted online or in a virtual Zoom session.  If you are not comfortable in an online setting, you can contact ABP directly to see if any in-person options are available.  These are only accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Product Pick-up

Curbside pick-up is available in Rocky Mount, NC, for most products available at Art by Preference.  Pick-up must be scheduled and confirmed before purchase.  Website pricing for shipped items includes shipping and handling so pricing for pick-up items will likely be adjusted.  Feel free to check before making your purchase. 






By Appointment Only